By virtue of its coastal location, British Colombia isn’t as frigid as other Canadian provinces. However, the area is beset by severe frost at times, with temperatures plunging low enough to cause uncomfortable shivering and frozen outdoor fixtures, to the great inconvenience of residents. Of all the troubles they can cause, winters can do their worst on a home’s plumbing.

Particularly icy winters can freeze the water right within the home's plumbing.  While not all the water within the pipe might actually freeze, the frozen portion could be sufficient to block off water flow completely. Ice forming in a water pipe can lead to even worse problems when the expansion causes the pipe to rupture or burst. For such situations, residents can seek help from  a local plumber in New Westminster such as the capable personnel of Milani Plumbing Drainage & Heating.

Temperatures in British Colombia can reach lows that were previously unheard of. At one time, an area within the province clocked in a glacial -58.9 degrees Celsius—one of the lowest temperatures ever recorded in all of North America. Even boilers aren’t safe, since Vancouver has had several cases of heating flow being interrupted by ice-blocked pipes. It’s a serious problem that cannot be easily resolved through do-it-yourself (DIY) efforts.

Popularly available insulated pipes that supposedly prevent water from icing over cannot complete guarantee that this plumbing problem will not occur. If the water already starts out as icy, then it’s enough to build ice blockage over time as it passes through the pipes. There’s no real way to prevent freezing cold water from solidifying; but the damage it can cause can be prevented.

The only way to completely deal with frozen piping is to get help from a qualified plumber. The professional will know what to do to remove the blockage, as well as repair any part of the pipeline which might have burst. The plumber might even suggest some tips to prevent future freezes from interrupting proper water flow.

Although many Canadians might regard British Colombia’s weather as mild; arctic outflows can come unpredictably and cause critical freezes. Such weather can affect pipes, causing them to ice up, possibly disrupting the function of your Vancouver heating system. Frozen pipes have to be delicately handled by plumbers before they burst and cause even more damage.

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