Maintenance Tips for your Water Heater and Furnace in Port Moody

One of the benefits of choosing to live in the western Canadian province of British Columbia is having a variety of neighborhoods to choose from. From the busy metropolis of Vancouver, one of Canada's largest cities, to the cultural life in Port Moody, the City of the Arts, there's something for everyone. But no matter the difference in localities, the area's cool climate means there's at least one common feature that no home can thrive without: a trusty water heating system. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your water heater and its furnace in Port Moody or Vancouver.

To prolong the service life of your water heater, don't keep it running at full blast all the time. Once in a while, decrease the temperature setting. This will keep your water from overheating and eventually rupturing the tank. Taking the temperature down a notch or two can also help reduce the energy required to heat your water, thereby taking some work off your furnace or heater. For those with heating systems that run on electricity, expect lower bills as well.

Another important consideration in proper water heater maintenance is the pressure relief valve. A non-functioning or failed pressure relief valve can actually cause an explosion from too much pressure created within your water heater's tank. An 2007 episode of Mythbusters confirmed how an exploding heater can rocket through a house's roof and fly hundreds of feet in the air. Check your owner's manual to locate the pressure relief valve.

Before checking the valve, make sure that you set the gas switch to pilot, or turn off the electrical current on your water heater. Next, raise the valve's lever halfway, then quickly release it and allow it to snap back into place. You should hear a gurgling sound as the valve allows water to be released into the drain tube.

If you find any problems as you check your water heater, you can contact your local plumbers for help. Many plumbing contractors like Milani Plumbing, Drainage and Heating deal with damaged or old water heaters that might need replacing.

Your trusty water heater in Vancouver or Port Moody can be as good as your best friend when you take good care of it. Just make sure that you don't overwork or neglect it, as doing so can lead to damage to your plumbing and to your home.

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