Spring cleaning often involves thoroughly tidying up one's house-from the basement to the attic-and fixing all sorts of things that need repair. This includes keeping Coquitlam plumbing systems in tip-top shape. Clearing clogged pipes and drain pumps is best done at this time. Here are some useful guidelines that allow homeowners to keep their pipes well-maintained throughout the seasons.

One can start by inspecting sump pumps to ascertain they are in working order. Checking them regularly makes sure they are ready for the expected increase in the volume of liquid flowing through a residential plumbing system as household members become more active with warmer weather setting in. Remember to replace the batteries in portable sump pumps with new ones. Even when left unused for extended periods, batteries are constantly being drained of power.

Aside from pumps, drainage systems should also be checked by homeowners after extended usage. Check the faucets in all bathrooms and the kitchen for any sign of potential leakage-especially the fixtures installed in backyards, as the winter months may expose faucet components to wear and tear.

Inspecting them could yield hints of small leaks or minor damage. Avoid major headaches by addressing the problem immediately or by replacing defective fixtures. Occasionally, twisting the valves under your sinks back and forth helps prevent them from sticking. Repeated temperature changes causing metal fixtures to expand and contract correspondingly could result in loose valves or in knobs freezing shut.

Pipes are not limited to kitchens and bathrooms. Overhead gutters and roofing systems use drainage pipes and PVC spouts where leaves and other solid debris could accumulate during winter, causing them to clog up. Spring is an ideal time for plumbers in Richmond, BC to unclog gutter systems and prime them for rainy weather that's sure to come in the late spring and summer.

As spring approaches, humidity fluctuates often; and wooden structures tend to suffer more from these changes. It is the perfect time to check if your wood installations enclosing water pipes are still safe for general use. If not, replace them immediately. Check out squidoo.com/spring-plumbing-tips2 for more tips on keeping pipes in top shape during spring.

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