Practitioners of some professions never seem to run out of clients, or jobs to take on. One such occupation is plumbing-wherein practitioners seem to be called upon to attend to just about every little issue homeowners may have with their plumbing. Many of these issues are the results of simple misdemeanors at home.

Indeed, households throughout Canada seem to be besieged by an endless stream of difficulties that require the services of qualified plumbers. The situations that lead to the need for plumbing services in Vancouver or elsewhere in the country, for that matter-often result from the homeowner's carelessness or negligence. While a plumber may be only too glad to attend to such problems, he's also certain to advise you against doing things that can lead to nasty plumbing situations. Here's a list of common crimes against plumbing that you can easily avoid:

For instance, leaving hoses connected during winter is not a very wise thing to do, especially in chilly British Columbia. It can cause freezing of the outdoor faucet or the water supply pipe and can even damage the hose, itself. Overlooking this minor gardening task would lead to another visit of your friendly neighborhood plumber.

Using vent pipes for purposes other than venting is another common mistake committed by homeowners. People often pass data cables for their internet or TV reception through these vents as they conveniently lead out to the rooftop. They may not realize that vent pipes should be completely unobstructed as they admit outside air to maximize drain function, and prevent sewer gases from coming up into the house due to negative pressure caused by draining. This is likely to bring about another issue for plumbers to address.

Drilling, cutting, attaching screws, or nailing into walls which harbor concealed pipes is another careless homeowner practice that provides contractors for plumbing in Surrey with more tasks. The worst thing you can do, however, and a practice akin to plumbing suicide, is to use your toilet as a trash can. The inconvenience and hygiene problems this will bring to your household will be enormous; and will also keep your plumber busy.

Homeowners are not likely to be free of the need for plumbers at any time soon. While their services are available, however, homeowners should pull their weight in looking after their plumbing systems. Plumbers are essential, but homeowners must act responsibly too.

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