Surrey and Coquitlam are both cities in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The main difference between the two is that Coquitlam is a suburb, whereas Surrey is a large metropolitan area. Regardless of which city you live in, proper home maintenance has similar importance and processes. For instance, if your Surrey heating system breaks down, then you can perform similar ways of troubleshooting for repairs as when you are in Coquitlam. These are a few things you can do to check if your heating system is operating properly.

The Thermostat   

Your heating system’s thermostat is the device that senses and controls the temperature so that it is kept at a set level. If the system is on but the display is dark, check for a possible faulty or drained battery. Dust the electrical connections within the thermostat, as dirt and dust particles may interfere with its proper operation.

Heat Pump

The heat pump basically transfers heat from a heat source to a heat sink against a temperature gradient, a quantity that describes the changes in temperature as a function of distance and altitude. It is composed of an indoor and outdoor unit. Switch on your unit and listen outside for the sound of the motor and compressor (the latter has a more distinct hum than the motor). If one turns on but not the other, your unit may have some electrical problems.

Gas Heater

In contrast to the heat pump, gas heaters are powered by fuel. One of the most common problems of this unit is noise. Strange sounds coming from your heater may be due to access panels that have become loose, damaged belts, a dirty burner, etc. If your burners are off and the sound remains, your pilot light might need adjusting.

Repair or Replacement

After identifying the problem in your heating system, you can now decide on whether you should call in professional contractors for repairs, or simply buy replacement parts to install yourself. Many contractors like Milani Plumbing, Drainage and Heating can help you out either way.

For more serious heating issues, call a dependable plumber in Coquitlam or Surrey for maintenance. Don’t take for granted the value of a well-functioning heating system and the consequences of a damaged one. Whether you live in a cozy suburban area or in the fast-paced metropolis, your home needs warmth—literally and figuratively—to withstand the cold seasons.

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