Canada may be approaching the last stretch of winter, but this doesn't mean the cold weather is over.  In the British Columbia city of Port Moody, for instance, the temperatures remain below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, homeowners need to regularly check their furnaces to ensure that they are functioning at their optimum. Having strange noises emanate from your furnace is a sure sign that something is amiss.  But what exactly could these noises mean? Here's a look at the possible meanings of those unusual sounds:


People usually groan when they're in pain; and the same might be said of your furnace. A groaning noise typically means your motor’s main bearing assemblies (the mounts of the motor shaft that allows it to rotate smoothly) have had enough, and are calling out for lubrication, or renewal. Call on Port Moody furnace repair specialists like the ones from Milani Plumbing, Drainage, and Heating to have these affected parts repaired or replaced as needed.


A squealing sound from a pig may seem cute, but the same can't be said when it comes from your furnace. This is because this noise usually indicates an air leak, something that's a serious matter that must be looked into immediately. Don’t attempt to pin down the source of the leak by yourself. Leave this job to the professionals.


Like the squealing noise, this problem may seem nonthreatening at first; but it's likely to turn into something worse if you don't address it. A loud click usually means there's a leak in the gas valve; so when you hear this sound, immediately turn your furnace, as well as your gas line, off to stop more gas from leaking out. Again, don't try to trace the source of the leak on your own; call in the professionals instead.

Popping or Rattling

Popping and rattling sounds from your furnace typically mean loose ductwork. You can tighten the loose ductwork by attaching metal braces to affected portions. You can also add flexible insulation to the ducts to eliminate the rattling or popping noises.

Once you hear any of these peculiar sounds, have your furnace checked immediately. A working furnace will help keep you warm for the rest of the winter. To further ensure a warm and comfortable home, consider hiring Surrey plumbing contractors to inspect and service your water heating system.

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