British Columbia is considered the “warmest” province in all of Canada for reasons ranging from its coastal location, to the urban island heat effect it experiences. However, the concept of “warm” is subjectively defined by Canada—a predominantly cold country. Therefore, while Canadians know British Columbia as their “warmest” province, it is still considerably colder than most other locations around the world. Truth be told, winters in the area are cold enough to freeze water, a fact that poses challenges to the populace.

Frozen water in pipes is a serious household problem in British Columbia winters. The ice in the pipe effectively blocks off water flow, drying out boilers and bathroom fixtures, and risking further complications if not resolved immediately.  Malfunctioning plumbing and a faulty furnace in Port Coquitlam could use some help from specialists like Milani Plumbing, Drainage & Heating.

Ice-blocked pipelines aren’t just inconveniences; they pose dangers to homes. As water expands considerably upon freezing, the resultant pressure inside the frozen pipes can compromise the plumbing, cause cracks and leaks. In the worst cases, the pipes could inevitably give way and burst open, spilling water everywhere, which can cause even more freezing, damage flooring, or even encourage mold growth.

Defrosting the pipes could often be safely managed by pouring some hot water on the afflicted area. It’s not advisable to use powerful heating tools such as a blowtorch to melt the ice; as such things could damage the plumbing even more than the ice could. Even after melting the ice away, homeowners might still be faced with a permanently damaged segment of pipe.

Pipes that have been damaged by frost can be repaired by highly competent West Vancouver plumbers. They can quickly detect and seal any leaks, and identify problem areas that might have frozen water blockage in the future. The capable individuals could also replace pipes which are damaged beyond repair with more durable ones.

Winter might be a time for hockey, sledding, and skiing; but in British Colombia, it’s also the time  when home plumbing could be in grave danger. Homeowners throughout Canada are concerned about such natural occurrences every time the temperatures plunge to freezing. Should any damage occur, residents should quickly have the pipeline mended before it gets worse.

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